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Wang Chao

Active Since: 24-08-2018

Wang Chao is the preferred Chicken Essence Brand by 98%* of users in Hong Kong. Every drop of essence is "High Protein", "Zero Fat" and "Low Sodium" that benefits users' health


Active Since
Aug 2018

About Wang Chao

Wang Chao is the preferred Chicken Essence Brand by 98%* of users in Hong Kong.

Wang Chao selects hens of appropriate age from CAS-certified farms, extracting every drop of chicken essence without adding any water or additives. During the stewing process of 10 hours appling the traditional method at a constant temperature of 100 degress centigrade, and removing the grease and high calories in addtion to retain the sweetness of chicken soup so as to make every drop of essence "high protein", "zero fat" and "low sodium" that beneifts users' health. 



*Statistic Source: Aristo Market Research & Consulting Co., Ltd. Result from Jan 2018 Customer Survey (300 Respondents)

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