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FAD SNACKS that are WORTH THE HYPE, or not?

One man’s poison is another man’s meat. In the recent years, fad food and novelty themed stores have been popping up like mushrooms. Some tend to roll their eyes every time a new poster goes up, while others quickly jump into queue.

Our taste buds certainly have unique preferences, but the SHOPAVISION team have to put the current fad foods to the test and try for ourselves, in order to tell you if they are really worth the hype! Get ready to catch your drool….

*Opinions are solely our own. Try them to find out!

Say Chiizu Hokkaido Cheese Toast

Shopavision Rating: 4 out of 5 YAYS

Where to find them

Shopavision thoughts on Say Chiizu Hokkaido Cheese

This cheese toast store has been trending for quite a few months now, with its adorable cheery-yellow packaging, toasts of varied flavours (charcoal, matcha, strawberry etc) and the most important of all – that rich, stretchy cheese. It totally looks instagrammable, so take that mandatory selfie or boomerang while the toast is fresh and hot before you indulge! So, how about the taste?


And we give it a 4/5. The mozzarella cheese fillings are springy and pretty light, and coupled with their sweet, cheesy taste – it can get a bit addictive. The toasts, while crisp and gives texture to the smooth, creamy cheese, is a little too oily. Overall, it’s filling snack and one probably won’t go for more than 1-2 pieces a pop. $3.80 is a reasonable price tag to this cheesy experience, maybe on the slightly pricey side.

Not a cheese lover? Surprisingly the melted cheese tastes pleasantly sweet and goes well with the toast.


Shopavision Rating: 4 out of 5 YAYS

Where to find them

Shopavision Coocaca Review

Ooooooo. A heath food! Pronounced “coo-ka-sa”, they have a hearty range of thick smoothies, juices to smoothie bowls topped with their homemade granola and superfoods. Well we love Coocaça’s logo, its bright, vibrant colours and positive vibes and a big plus is how healthy their stuff are. But, is it “always good”?

Shopavision Coocaca Review

NOT BAD! We give it 4/5. Their acai bowls are great, but you can probably skip the smoothies. We tried the Sao Paolo Superfood bowl ($12.90) because we were attracted to the interesting combination of acai mixed with cacao and soy milk as the base, topped with slices of banana, strawberries, blueberries, almond butter, their signature homemade granola and finally – the almond flakes on top. Remember to add your free serving of chia seeds because what is a superfood acai bowl without that? We enjoyed the consistency of the mix and felt it was just right, with the star being the homemade granola, fresh fruits and beautiful presentation (made for the gram, as usual!) The best part? Finishing the entire bowl and ZERO GUILT. In fact, we felt so refreshed and revitalized in the sweltering hot weather after the treat!

If you are a carnivore, you can probably give this a miss.

FRUCE *Winner!!!*

Shopavision Rating: 4.5 out of 5 YAYS

Where to find them

Fad Snacks with Shopavision

The queues are looong for this! From the name itself, you can guess that it’s about a mix of juices, fruits and in short, a fusion of a drink and dessert. We guessed its popularity (with Singaporeans, especially) comes from how “localized” their flavours are, with a section just for Coconut selections.

Their newest hit is “D24 durian flesh ingeniously combined with fresh avocados”. Hmm… We stared at it and thought this is a perfect diarrhoea concoction! Lol...

4.5/5. Enough said. We are obsessed with it from the moon and back!

Fad Snacks with Shopavision

Their drinks are so refreshing and delicious; extra points for the exotic flavours (how to ignore a Red Velvet Truffle / Avocado Coconut etc?!) Simply unforgettable and we just need to have it everyday, or at least whenever we pass by Wisma Atria. The only reason why it’s not a 5/5? So that the FRUCE team will always work hard to revamp their menu, introduce new flavours and keep us hooked err day! And if a drink can make our day, it IS worth $4+ (average price for a cup).

Free samples available at the store too, so you can try the latest flavours before making your purchase decision.

YAM! by Beauty Kitchen

Shopavision Rating: 3.5 out of 5 YAYS

Where to find them

No physical store yet but it was a blast at Japan Fair (Takashimaya #B2) for YAM! by Beauty Kitchen. We just had to try that photogenic egglet waffle with soft servce and fruits. At $12, it’s certainly not cheap, but it can easily feed 2-3 pax with its generous portions – do the math and it’s still expensive but not atrocious. We didn’t get to sample the Red Velvet bowl with Kinako soft serve ($9) and their Energizer Berries smoothie ($7.90), but friends (not paid posts) say they are worth the damage too!

Fad Snacks with Shopavision

We have spoken and it’s 3.5/5. For one, what we got is not as insta-worthy as what the influencers got. The fruits can be more, you know, stacked higher and all for that glorious shot but that fell short a bit. It’s pretty delish and there’s tons of egglet waffle and that refreshing melon-flavoured soft serve so no complains there. Overall, $12 for ours makes us quite reluctant to part with our moolahs but if there are more fruits and a shorter waiting time, we would even give it a 4. We are expecting more YUMS from you, YAM!

So… Are you craving and eyeing any fad foods now? Leave us a comment to tell us! We’ll try them and give you our verdict before you reach into your pocket.

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