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Sometimes men have a hard time telling you what they really want. Or maybe they just don’t know (enough) about something to know that they want it.

You know that feeling.
You’ve been there.
You ask your husband what he wants.
He replies lackadaisically, “cash”.

(You aren’t really surprised)

Is he really your husband if his replies aren’t so impassive just all the damn time?
It’s no wonder you often have no clue what to get your better half. (At this point you wonder, is he really?)

We all know too well the pain of having so little to work with, but still wanting to impress him as always – so here’s a list of what we think will blow him away. Just don’t let him know you got the ideas from us!

1: No.10 Post-Shave Cologne Balm (Truefitt & Hill)


One thing both women and men should know about facial hair grooming – there’s more than just razors out there to keep him looking afresh. The average man should be aware of the varieties of shaving cream available, but the knowledge likely stops there.

It’s always good to know about your husband’s shaving routines – so that you can catch him when he gets lazy! You wouldn’t want to be rubbing cheeks with a prickly porcupine, now would you?

Be the wife that understands your man’s needs more than he does, and impress him with the No. 10 Post-Shave Cologne Balm, from Truefitt & Hill. Not many men invest in aftershave – and with that they forego the cool, rejuvenating sensation that helps arrest the occasional bleeding and discomfort from shaving while giving suppleness to skin. The No.10 Post-Shave Cologne Balm is part of the No.10 series from Truefitt & Hill, which is free of parabens, alcohol, and sulphate – making it perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. The balm carries a soothing, woody scent with hints of citrus that lingers lightly throughout the day. Enriched with willow bark, borage oil, and aloe vera, the product is not greasy, and helps moisturise freshly shaven skin to prevent bouts of acne.

Oh, and did we mention? Truefitt & Hill is the official line of products used by the Royal Family of England. Have your man feel like the royalty he is, and in no time he’ll be treating you like a princess all over again.

2: Body Fuel All-In-One Energizing Wash


Men are suckers for ‘all-in-one’ products. They love it when all they have to do is ­mindlessly use something – and if it’s just one something, all the better! How many years has it been since you gave up trying to teach him the difference between compact powder and foundation?

Let’s face it, you love him for many reasons, but a tireless dedication to personal care probably isn’t one of them. Fortunately, there’s always the Body Fuel All-In-One Energizing Wash to count on, from that brand whose name I can’t really pronounce, but there’s the skeleton.

The cleanser is lightly-scented, and promises to energise and detoxify for a full “body high”. The formula acts as both shampoo and shower foam, and uses a mix of menthol, zinc, and caffeine to deliver a lasting, clean feeling that is sure to have even the hardest snoozers arrive at work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

And as a neat added bonus, having him using a 2-in-1 means more space for you on the bathroom rack. Not that there is ever enough for a lady…

3: Day to Day Value Set (Sephora)


Here’s a big one. There is an unspoken male machismo that dictates, “Men shalt not slather”. It’s a universal truth that most men simply hate to smear goops and creams all over their bodies, even if it’s for a good cause.

No sane, truth-telling person will ever say they enjoy being outdoors in sunny Singapore, and that’s really reason enough to get him the Day to Day Value Set from Supergoop!. The set comes with a 0.67 oz. City Sunscreen Serum, a 0.33oz Everyday Sunscreen, 0.5oz Acai Fusion Lip Balm, 2ml Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and a 1oz Forever Young Hand Cream, to cover all bases.

“I’ll just wear a long-sleeved shirt,” he might retort. But fabric does little to shield his skin from harmful UV rays, and does not help prevent brown spots nor premature aging at all. And what of the parts that are exposed? Clearly, he is not in the know, and it falls on you to know what’s best for him.

We anticipate that he may insist that he still doesn’t want it, but trust us, he’ll thank you for it – research shows that men are twice as likely victims of disorders such as skin cancer simply because they do not wear sunscreen on a regular basis. And if that still doesn’t work, there’s always the guilt trip – get him to do it for you, and the kids.

Oh, and by the way –the products are made with natural extracts of citrus, basil, and bois de rose, so say goodbye to the typical smell that most sunscreens come with!

4: Philips NT3160 Ear & Nose Trimmer (TANGS)


There is a very thick, bold line that divides wives who love and hate facial hair on their husbands, but chances are they will unanimously unite against the evil that is protruding nose hair on their men. There comes a point in every man’s life when he has had to remove them with whatever he’s able to find lying around – usually scissors or tweezers – and they remain great options only if he lives for danger and pain.

As your husband – and probably father of your children – he should be setting a primed example of how a man can handle the hairiest of situations with an elegant solution. The solution in this case is the Philips NT3160 Ear & Nose Trimmer – whose ProtecTube technology promises a gentle removal of unwanted nose and ear hair with no pulling guaranteed. The long, slim head helps the blades get where they need to be, and the blades themselves engineered to an angle that reaches deep inside of the nose and ears to get even the most stubborn of hairs.  

On top of being fully waterproof and comes with a soft rubber grip, the NT3160 is specifically designed to double-up as an eyebrow trimmer, and comes with a mini eyebrow comb to make sure your grooming is always on point.

And no, hubby, don’t even think about using it on my eyebrows!

5: Dream Angels Floral Lace & Rings Bustier (Victoria’s Secret)

COST DAMAGE: $110.00

You’re fresh out of ideas. Your husband is an amazing self-sufficient man that has everything he wants, he has. Everything in his shelf is systematically replaced and replenished as they are used; there’s absolutely nothing that he needs more of – except, you.

Spice things up a little with a surprise for your man by, lacing up in the Floral Lace & Rings Bustier from Victoria’s Secret’s Dream Angels Collection. Available in Sheer Pink and Coconut White, the intricate of lace is given a new twist with a slender line of geometric rings, showing your curves off - he surely won't be able to get enough of you. You’ll kill two birds with one stone with this piece – on one hand you'll liven things up in the bedroom, and on another you’ll ensure he doesn't get too lazy.

And don’t worry, you look good in whatever you wear, but trust us on this – nothing beats the element of surprise, and this is one investment is one you can count on to have many welcome returns.

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