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Experience the OHC concept of healthcare. Designed to bring optimal function and efficiency back to your body so you can live out your passions without limitations

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A first session with us is an hour, this will consist of consult, assessment and treatment. How our approach is unique is as the body is a complex structure, everyone who comes in has different needs and we tailor our approach based on the person's needs at that point in time. There is no one size fits all treatment template we use. Lifestyle, nutrition and even exercise advice is provided from time to time if the situation warrants it. 

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GETTING HELP ✨ My thoracic has very limited range of movement and that’s causing my cervical spine (neck) to work a lot harder. The headaches I get from neck pain is unimaginable!!! You might be wondering why I have all these problems despite practising yoga. Yoga has helped me in many ways and it makes everything better but it doesn’t eliminate the problems I face. That’s why I don’t push myself too hard when I workout, and I see Ryan, my Osteopath @orchardhealthclinic. Probably my whole body would have been broken long ago if I hadn’t started Yoga. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you have questions or need advice because of pain/ issues you’ve been experiencing, ask @orchardhealthclinic in the comments below. They will reply and address all your questions personally. We just want to help and make a difference in your lives ❤️ #OHC #OrchardHealthClinic #Osteopathy

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Orchard Health Clinic
Founded in 2009, Orchard Health Clinic is one of Singapore’s leading osteopathic clinic delivering the highest standard of healthcare services.

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