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Face Shower Bar Quick Shower Facial

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As the first dry facial bar in Singapore, we want you to enjoy result-driven, high quaility customised express facials that are pocket-friendly and perfect for your busy schedule. Restore your tired skin with Face Shower Bar's Express Shower Facial with our hydradermabrasion treatment, the chemical extraction comes with zero pain and downtime. Fused with our own patented solutions, DermaSOS, incoporating a 3 - way approach to unveil smoother and healiter skin in no time!

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Face Shower Bar is the first "dry bar of facials" in Singapore that specializes in result-driven, high quality, time-efficient and customised facials yet made affordable! The philosophy is simple: great skin takes consistent and you may little time to spare- that's where Face Shower Bar come in. Quick Shower Facial, the boutique’s signature treatment, consists of a three steps process; dermaSoften, dermaOpen and dermaSoothe to thoroughly cleanse and rejuvenate your face in no time.

Upon walking into the facial bar, customers are greeted by the sight of empowering slogans on partition curtains and posters. Customers would then get a queue number and be directed to the vanity area to have their makeup removed. When the queue number is announced and before the treatment begins, first time customers will be asked to fill up a questionnaire for the therapists to customise a facial best suited for their needs. The facial begins with a cleansing procedure that uses their house brand cleansing cream - the Irén Massage Cleansing Cream. Dead skin cells are softened and impurities are washed off with a gentle vortex wash. Within minutes, the facial progress into the treatment stage where hydradermabrasion technique is the star of the show. Treatments are delivered using a probe that breaks up the skin surface and suctions to extract impurities with zero pain and downtime! At the final step, a cocktail of calming solution will be delivered through vortox infusion to soothe any remaining redness.

The facial ends with customers having ample time to reapply their make up and grab a quick lunch before heading back to the office; this time with dewy soft and rejuvenated skin.


Face Shower Bar by Irén
Address: One Raffles Link, CityLink Mall, #B1-17A, Singapore 039393
Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 11AM - 9.30PM 
Telephone: 6920 8772


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IRÉN was built on a simple philosophy - less is more.

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